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Good Sound Foundation Presents:
About the Enhanced Piano and GoodSound Virtual Acoustics
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About the Enhanced Piano and GoodSound Virtual Acoustics
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Cecilia Meireles, Brazilian poet
About GSF

Over the last 100 years the literature for piano and instruments seems to have declined, perhaps because the gradual standardization and homogenization of piano timbre and tuning has resulted in an often unexciting sound that can lack clarity and elegance particularly when combined with other instruments.

The Enhanced Piano was developed at Good Sound Foundation's Skylonda Studio in Woodside, California, where a 7 Grotrian Steinweg (1927) has been tuned in Just Intonation and enhanced electronically to increase its perceived resonance, sustaining, coloristic and expressive capabilities. The enhanced piano is performed within a GoodSound Virtual Acoustical Environment, an electroacoustical system that enhances the acoustics of performance spaces and recording studios.

Just Intonation describes a group of tuning systems in which the greatest level of conso-nance and resonance is achieved by tuning intervals to the harmonic series (the natural mode of string vibration). The piano is tuned this way to achieve the emotional power and immediacy of pure tuning and to make a better fit with orchestral instruments such as the violin and cello, which are naturally tuned in just intonation. The enhancement system allows the piano to become richer, more versatile and subtly expressive as a solo instrument and in combination with voice and instruments.

The Enhanced Piano in just intonation allows for a more orchestral style of composition, due in part to the extended sustain of the tone and the clarity and variety of the tuning relationships. It has the potential of revitalizing contemporary composition for the piano, voice and instruments.

GoodSound Virtual Acoustics (GSVA) is software for concert hall and recording studio installations. GSVA provides the essential perceptual cues for projecting a sense of realism and space in the enhancement of live performance, recording and post-production. GSVA can be tuned in collaboration with the performing artists to achieve a sound that reflects their specific tastes.